Zelda was born Griselda Hastings Pink, in Greenwich, Connecticut, to publishing magnate Baron Pink and his wife Patricia of Pink Slipper Publishing.

Born to perform, with hot pink skin, brassy blonde hair, a husky voice and theatrical style, Griselda always felt more “cabaret” than “country club,” much to the mortification of her buttoned- up parents who made no secret of favoring her less conspicuous dainty sister Mauve. Griselda had a tough time fitting in in Greenwich but made it through with the help of the acceptance of her colorful group of drama club friends at school.

At 18, Griselda scored a job singing and performing what she explained to her parents was “tasteful burlesque” at the Flash and Brass Lounge in Stamford, which was met with an ultimatum from the Pinks to show some class or lose the cash.

Griselda said she couldn’t care less about being an heiress, changed her name to Zelda, the pet name given to her by her beloved Aunt Rose (who told her it meant “woman warrior”) and followed her heart to the stage. Zelda made a name for herself impersonating Lady Gaga and Cher and got herself a full-time gig vamping it up in Vegas. The show, Divas, Tramps and Thieves, was a huge hit. After a few years, the show’s producer decided to take the show on the road. By the time the show hit Nashville, Zelda was tired of the traveling and feeling the need for some roots. She loved Nashville – the sparkle of Broadway, the friendliness of the people, the honesty in the music—and for the first time in a long time she thought about settling down.

Just around that time, she heard a song that she couldn’t get out of her head. It was a song written by a frog called…wait for it…. The Frog Song…..yup!…. and Zelda could really relate to the lyrics. You see, just like the frog in the song, who used to be a prince, Zelda felt as if she used to be a princess. And just like the frog, she was happier in her life without the title and fanfare. She asked about the song’s author and found herself meeting Frank TL Frogg out at his bar The Waterhole in Ashland City. She and Frank and the rest of the quirky, eclectic Waterhole Bunch hit it off right away

Zelda bought herself a little cabin in Ashland City, a pickup truck, and some blingy cowgirl boots, and became a regular member of the Waterhole Bunch.

Wikipedia note:

Although she is known for her impersonations of Lady Gaga and Cher, Zelda’s idol is and always had been Pink…of course!

Zelda means “blessed” or “happy”, as Zelda has become ever since she changed her name. According to “The Name Meaning”, Zelda also means “Woman Warrior”