Lily Paderini

Lily Paderini grew up on the banks of the Jersey Shore, the third of five Paderini girls, in a noisy Italian family. For some reason Lily always felt blue. So she wrote and she cried and she wrote her feelings down in her journal, and that always made her feel better. One day, out of the blue, she heard a sad country song on a boom box on a beach in Atlantic City, and “boom!” it hit her….the words she had written in in her journals were SONGS…all they needed was a melody and a beat. So she bought herself a ukulele and next thing you know, she was the next big thing on the shore music scene playing at the Stoned Pony and The Wonder Where You Are Bar and all the local haunts; but it turned out, as good as she was, she was just a big fish in a little pond. So she headed out to Music City to try her luck at the big time.

Unfortunately, Lily’s “guns ablazing “style and “tell it like it is” lyrics were not taken kindly to by the good ol’ boys in Music City. They were impressed by her talent but asked her to “soften up” a bit. They told her her songs were too “over the top” for prime-time radio. Lily said “no can do”, cussed them a blue streak, and waved goodbye with one finger.

She wasn’t about to give up on her dream, so she hustled her lily padass attitude out to Ashland City where she landed herself a job as a singing waitress at the legendary Waterhole Bar, a place known for spawning new talent. Lily was an instant hit with the Waterhole bunch. She brought a touch of sass with her quick wit and sharp tongue comebacks. “She keeps the place running like a well oiled machine” says the Captain, co-owner and bartender.

While she’s not singing and dancing on the tables, she’s serving up signature Waterhole drinks, like the Paderini martini, her signature concoction.

A graduate with honors from the School of Hard Knocks, Lily is a softy inside with a heart as big as her mouth. She clocks in for happy hour at 5 every day. Come meet her down at the Waterhole.

Wikipedia Note:

Lily’s Paderini martini has become one of the most requested drinks in honky tonk history.

Lily Paderini, the sharp-tongued singing waitress comes to the Waterhole all the way from New Jersey. She makes the Waterhole run like a well-oiled machine and has something to say about everything.