Dave Gibson
Boss Frog

Born in Arkansas and raised in west Texas, the youngest of three siblings, his daddy was an oil field worker and and his mom was a saint. Dave remembers listening to Elvis Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison and country stars like Marty Robbins, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings. Their songs were the early impetus for his love of music and his lifelong career as a singer/songwriter. He learned to play guitar when he was thirteen when his mom bought him one for Christmas out of the Sears catalog, much to the chagrin of his hard working father.

Music became Dave’s obsession, and after graduating high school and college he moved to Chicago to pursue another dream of his, which was becoming a commercial artist. After working several art jobs and also teaching school for a few years he still played music at night and began writing songs. He formed his own band, Dave Gibson and Hackinbush, the name being taken from a Groucho Marx character in the movie. He had the top band in the Windy City for almost ten years, until he decided to move to Nashville to make his dreams come true.

He arrived in the early eighties and was soon discovered by The Oak Ridge Boys who gave him his first publishing deal. Since then he has written six number 1 songs and numerous top tens, for artists such as Alabama, Tanya Tucker Confederate Railroad, Montgomery Gentry, Joe Diffe, Marie Osmond and many more. He got a record deal with his own group, The Gibson/Miller Band and won the ACM award for best new group in the early nineties. Dave never stopped writing and wrote a song a few years ago called “The Frog Song” with a little friend of his named Frank TL Frogg, so aptly named. It has become the inspiration of a music and comedy series with puppets that he is currently producing with his ASCAP award winning writing partner, Cheryl DaVeiga, and it is a hoot. You never know what Dave is going to come up with, and his tongue and cheek sense of humor and infectious laugh are catching, just like his new venture, The Watehole Bunch…..coming soon to a Youtube channel near you.